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Media Licensing
-MP3 Sound Loop

The MP3 Sound clip located in the Flash/Music folder is by now way owned or copyright LuckyMarble templates. Royalty FREE sound clips can be found at

The sound loop playing in the flash header was downloaded at Flashkit as a freeware MP3 file, calpomatt is the author of this sound file and we give credit to this author. We followed all usage guidelines when downloading and importing the sound file for use in the template.

Usage Guidelines as outlined by Flashkit

If you are downloading loops, please abide by the conditions specified by the different loop licensing arrangements detailed below.


If you download a freeware loop, you may use it in your presentations as you see fit. As a courtesy it's nice to thank the creator of the loop, and include a link to them.


If you download a link ware loop, you must include a link to the author and credits if you use it! Preferably with a logo as well!


If you download a shareware loop, you must abide by the rules defined in the description, where the author will include pricing details, etc etc!


Loops are royalty free for your use, but all rights remain with the author, ie. you can use them, but not resell them!

This website was built solely with original graphic work from the designers at

The following images used in the Flash Header were licensed from the Hemera Bizart Collection for use in this website only.

Examples of licensed images are located below in 'thumbnail' view.




This template uses the FlashObject (v1.3) Flash detection and embed script provided by Geoff Stearns at This script detects whether or not the user has the Flash player, and if it does, it loads in the Flash movie for them to view. If they don't have the Flash player, it displays your alternate content. The alternate content is what you see in your web editor (a static image or text).

The FlashObject script also resolves the IE update issue where embedded Flash movies require an extra click for interaction; using the script will allow viewers to interact with the Flash movie directly. The FlashObject script also allows your web site to have fully validated HTML.

Please be aware that the script may be updated occasionally, and it is your responsibility to visit the FlashObject site to check for updates and implement them.